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Best Beaches in Mallorca

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5 Best Beaches in Mallorca

Do you remember that feeling of having the salt of the sea water on your skin after a day at the beach?

In this month’s blog, we recommend the best beaches in Mallorca to enjoy a day of crystal clear waters and a sense of freedom.

After a good breakfast in our Xaloc Restaurant, you are ready to go out and discover the best beaches in Mallorca.

Beach of Es Trenc, Mallorca

A beach in a natural environment, located 49 km from the Hotel Costa Azul, in the municipality of Campos in the southeast. One of the best beaches and crystal clear waters of Mallorca. A visit that you cannot miss.

Es Carbó

Located 57 km from the Hotel Costa Azul in Colonia de Sant Jordi, this beach is about 20 minutes walking along the coast. Colonia de Sant Jordi has beautiful beaches and in Es Carbó, you can enjoy a relaxing day and one of the most incredible beaches on the island.

Formentor beach

Located 75 km from the Hotel Costa Azul, on the northeast coast, located in the Bay of Pollensa, is the northernmost beach of the island. The sea is shallow, surrounded by pine trees, which makes it a perfect beach to go with family and enjoy a quiet day. When going to the north of the island you can also take the opportunity to make a stop at the viewpoint from which you can enjoy incredible views.

Caló des Moro

is located 62 km from the Hotel Costa Azul, it is one of our best hidden treasures !. This small natural corner captivates by its translucent waters that extend far between its steep cliffs. Approximately 6 kilometers from Santanyí, and surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes full of pines and bushes, you will find this wonderful space of fine sand where you can enjoy the sea.

Cala Varques

Located 65.9 km from the Hotel Costa Azul, it is a hidden virgin cove, it has no access with the car, but it is worth taking a walk and discovering it. You have to park the car about 30 minutes from the beach, and take a walk through a forest to reach this hidden cove, but it’s worth it.

On the web Balearic platjes you can find all the information about the beaches.

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