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The sea of poetry

Mediterranean and verse

The sea of poetry concept defines our new spirit, developed around the sea and its intimate relationship with literature. It’s a project that involved a complete overhaul of our identity, taking us back to the deepest roots of our Mediterranean culture, adding value to our complete and renovated menu of services.

In this metaphorical scenario, the corridors become infinite lines of waves that direct us to each room. On each door, we can read the first three words of the verse which we find inside. Each writing is accompanied by an illustration decorating the headboard of the bed. This artistic concept personalises every stay with us and gives our hotel its own soul.

Hotel Costa Azul Hotel Costa Azul
Hotel Costa Azul

The sea directly influences our name and personal brand, from the design of our rooms and function rooms to our stationary. You will find a literary touch in all 126 of our exclusive rooms, with writings by different authors who all muse upon the sea. Carme Riera, Juan Cruz, Ajo, Cristóbal Serra, Patricio Pron, Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, Ponç Pons, Antònia Vicens, Biel Mesquida and María del Mar Bonet have collaborated with their verses, and they have been grouped into floors according to the following categories:

Floor 1

The sea of authors: male authors

Floor 2

The sea of authors: female authors

Floor 3

The Mediterranean sea: authors from the Mediterranean

Floor 4

The sea of Haikus: Japanese poems dedicated to the sea

Floor 5

The sea of adventures: the sea in fantasy and adventure literature

Floor 6

The sea of music: lyrics from popular songs

Floor 7

The sea of poems

Floor 8

The contemporary sea

Hotel Costa Azul